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November 12, 2006


Rob Bushway

great show guys!

Marcus Hast

I listened to the show and the part about all phones being Smart Phones in the future has me a bit skeptical. I guess it depends a bit on where you draw the line between smart phones and feature phones though.

Personally I work with developing mobile phones (both smart and feature) and while feature phones are catching up it's also true that most phones sold are pretty low end feature phones.

I'd also say that my experience with developing on smart phones compared to feature phones is that smart phones are just not stable enough just yet. The added complexity also mean that you have to make quite a bit of sacrifices without all that much gain.

My personal ideal "future phone" would be similar to todays feature phones but with better integration of Java midlets. If I can have a phone which allows me to use midlets just like a native application and that would be quite sufficient for me.

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