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August 27, 2006


Dan Terrell

Guys, welcome back! I've been a listener since day 1 and I was missing my favorite podcast.

While you were taking a hiatus, I broke down and bought a tablet. My son is one of those poor Virginia Tech freshmen who are required to get a tablet for classes. Well, the parts for his fully loaded Fujitsu T4210 started coming in and I got tablet envy. Long story short - I've now got a tc1100.

Unfortunately, I'm in the position of having a work machine (Dell Precision M60) and my tablet, which I want to use for work as well. My question for you guys is, how is the best way to keep both machines synced? I want to have everything - outlook, word files, mindmaps, onenote databases, firefox bookmarks - the same on each machine. What approaches do you take for multiple machines? What programs do you use, have used and/or have rejected?



Marc Orchant

Hi Dan - welcome to the Tabletscape. I've long since given up on attempting a complete sync between two systems. It's simply too much of a bother. What I do is create a folder that has the files I'm working on right now on a 1 GB USB memory stick. I pop that in and out of my Dell laptop and Tablet and am always working on the "right file".

Outlook sync is a bigger issue. I use an IMAP server so my e-mail is current on both devices and I use my Treo as an intermediary between the two systems, flipping the ocnduits around between "Handheld overwrites desktop" and "Desktop overwrites handheld" as appropriate.

A bit of a klude but it works.

I assume James, who does a lot more of this shuttling than I do, will have a more elegant answer for you.


Dan, I have been using multiple devices for a long time and the combination of tools that work the best for me are rather simple. First of all, the most important thing is to keep your Outlook data synced and the best way to do that if possible is to use a hosted exchange server. They are as cheap as $5 per month and once you have it going every device you use will always be in sync with the server. There is no other way to do it cleanly, although some people have success using a program called syncpst to do it manually.

Data files are easy- use Microsoft's free service FolderShare. It is fast and elegant and will keep multiple devices in sync. You can configure any directories you want to keep synced.

Good luck!


Hey guys,

Thanks for the lead in SyncPST. I was looking for something just like that..

Let me return the favor. I haven't heard anyone here mention this one. A great extension for Firefox that is especially useful for Tablet users.

Clippings - you right click in any text box and it will list user-defined options to fill the text box. You can use this for commonly entered text like email addresses, usernames, passwords, form data, etc.

It's really great for use with a's great and lite!!

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