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July 23, 2006


Josh Einstein

Thanks for the mention, guys! I am so in love with SnagIt and Camtasia it's probably unhealthy.

Don't forget InkGestures...

Nick Ross

Great show - good to hear how you're using the various bits of software - nice to know I'm using similar things to the masters of Tablet PCs ;)

One Question - do you use Voice Recognition - if so, the built in one, or Dragon (or ViaVoice). Am dabbling with them at the mo, and wondered what your thoughts were.

Keep up the good work




Nick, I do in fact use both speech recognition programs a fair bit. The Tablet integrated is very good but Dragon's offers quicker high accuracy and better system command controls. I have the new version 9 of Dragon on the way today and plan to discuss it on a future show.

Phil Templeton

I'd just like to say thanks for providing another informative show and let you know about three new Intel Centrino vulnerabilities that will affect your TC1100.

Keep up the good work!

Chris Dalton

Great Show!!

I have a number of items I use on my TC1000 that may be of interest (all free but one)...

StrokeIt (for gestures):

Omea Reader (for RSS, NNTP):

Auto Hot Key: (couple it with StrokeIt for killer macros):

FlashPaste (for text entry):

vuBrief (for sync & backup):

Thanks for the work. It's a great help.


It was interesting to see what software you guys are using - and it would be equally interesting to hear about what software you would like to see, either as embellishments to existing applications or stuff you've dreamt up. Great show as always. (UK listener)

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