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May 07, 2006



Hi Guys,

Just listened to the podcast - excellent and entertaining as always.

I do have a couple of quick questions...

1) How do you record Meetings into OneNote? I can do it from a software point of view - it's more that my tablet either sits flat on the table or angled resting on my lap and the table, meaning the array mic's are pointing at me (and I come through loud and clear) but no one else does. Do you use an external table mic - and if so, which ones?

2) Just a thought on UMPCs - although they look great (I'm sure I'll be weak and end up buying one), I don't think it's necessarily a case of taking the UMPC places where you might not take a laptop because of its' size - it's more convincing people that they can use a computer (i.e. UMPC) in places they may not have even considered taking their laptop...

Keep up the good work.


Marc Orchant

Nick: on the recording question, it depends on how many people I'm meeting with. Generally I'm interacting with 2 or three people and the mic built into the Gateway convertible does a fine job picking up what everyone says. In larger groups or when I'm at a big conference table where people tend to sit further apart, I do use an external mic.


Nick, I second what Marc said. Most of my meetings are relatively small and I just use the internal mic which is sufficient for my needs.

Thanks for the kind words.


Thanks guys - it's probably just that I speak too loudly ;)

Looking forward to the next 'cast. . .

Andrew Oliner

James, Interesting story re OneNote recording.

I'm wondering: did you tell these guys up-front that you were recording the meeting? I'm kind of struggling with that:

On the one hand, I think alerting everyone upfront makes everyone a little tentative and awkward. It also seems unnecessary if it is only for your use.

OTOH, it seems like you almost have to inform them. Especially if, as happened here, you end up bringing the recording up to them to use it "against" them.

Samir Shah

I download the MP3 file and listen to it. The problem I am having with the file is that it thinks that it is 12 minutes long instead of 1 hour. I am using Windows Media Player 10.

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