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April 23, 2006


Josh Einstein

I said a while ago that wacom should make a fingertip. I don't want a touch screen, but I'd like to use a stylus nib on my finger every now and then.

Tablet PC User

Nice show guys.

You made some good points about the problem with people that always have something that is better than the other guy! Unfortunately, this thinking is too deeply rooted into our culture for any change to occur. Such thinking has always been present such as Ford is better than Chevy...the Bulls are better than the Sonic PC is better than yours…and this list goes on. I believe that both of you probably know at least one person like what I described above...I know I do.

The main problem is that we have moved away from the function of an object and focused on the tool. I've heard more discussions at funerals about what the deceased has obtained (by means of possessions) in life rather that what he/she has done for society or even a small obscure group of people they call family.

It makes no sense trying to get anyone to change. I think that we have perceived such low values of human nature that we only can seek for physical items for any satisfaction or feeling or real worth. If not, we see ourselves as mundane, and hence no better than the bum on the street that has nothing more than a can of soda.


I was just wondering I have some suggestions for the new OneNote 12 any idea where I could send them so that they might actually get read? One specific improvement I would like to see is to allow the binder tab to be moveable as I'm left handed and in oneNote 2003 I have the pen tabs vertically on the left side and everything else is on teh right. And the binder tab seems to be the only thing that is not able to be moved. Should I post on tabletpcbuzz? Or send an email to you all as I from what I understand you are in contact with the developers. That is just one of the suggestions I have and I heard that the office developers were recieving little feedback from OneNote users specifically those with tablets. I'd like to help, do you know who I can get in touch with?

Thanks in advance(I hope).

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