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April 09, 2006



I agree with Marc in the podcast, if Apple made an iTablet that could dual boot (such as with Vista), it would become my number one choice of a Tablet.

Colin Walker

Hmmm, I'm getting a 404 on the link guys. I'll try again later.


Looks like Libsyn was having problems last night but it's working OK for me now.

Josh Einstein

Another great show guys. Thanks for all the kind words. And good news, I just got Outlook 2007 working.

Cameron Dorey

Re: your comments about the OQO. You may have mentioned this earlier, but the OQO was actually first "announced" four years ago (probably longer, I lose track), and there was nothing but a fancy Flash-run website for a long, long time. But, to the point: the first publicity about the OQO was that it was going to be faster, more versatile and more connectable, have more memory than the product which finally appeared, AND cost about $1000-$1100 (OQO's estimate, not mine). It was a far cry from what eventually appeared. I put off buying a notebook for almost a year because of the "impending availability" of the OQO, and finally bought a Dell X200 (tablets weren't up to snuff back then, IMHO) about two years before the OQO 1.0 was spec'ed out. I agree with you whole-heartedly, the OQO is to little for too much, although the original vision would have been awesome. At this point, I'm saving up for a real tablet, it just won't be that one (I just wish they hadn't discontinued the HP 1100TC, portability [read: lightweight] is the killer feature for me).

Marc Orchant

Thanks for the feedback. I just sent my impressions of the OQO back to the coompany - haven't heard a response from them. I know a few other reviews have come out that all say essentially the same thing - "cool idea but too much money".

Josh - you rock!

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