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January 15, 2006


Colin Walker

Great show guys - it's good to hear all the CES news.

You ask for ideas on things to discuss/people to interview so how about the following:
I've always said that the UK is a bit technophobic and the slow rate of Tablet adoption/lack of availablity at sensible prices seems to confirm this. The UK doesn't have the likes of Best Buy etc. only PC World which people still don't take too seriously (they also only have 1 Tablet available where the only mention of Tablet is the name of the OS edition). How about some kind of interview going in to what MS/OEMs are trying to do to increase Tablet awareness and sales OUTSIDE of the US.

Most Tablet brands in the UK are only available through resellers (which will normally involve a price hike due to the reseller getting their cut) so we need more direct OEM presences outside the US.

What do you think?


Good idea Colin. I will try and see if OEMs or MS will tell me what they are doing to increase Tablet awareness outside the US. I would not be surprised if they won't talk about it, though. Thanks for listening!

Colin Walker

I think you may be right that they may not discuss it but at least the question will have been asked. Thanks.

Phillip Molly Malone

Hey Guys,
On the only show that is hosted by two MS MVP's, you are not (to my knowledge) the only show hosted by 100% MS MVPs as there is (the subject isn't good, MS SQL (why you use that over Progress ( is got me beat (but I am bias)) but the host is an MS MVP and it normally (haven't checked each show) has a co-host/guest that is also a MS MVP.

Congrats again though guys on your MVP's.


Greg Low

Hi Folks,

Another one with 2 x MVPs is the ASP.NET podcast with Wally McClure and Paul Glavich.



Chris Brandt

Hi guys... just got around to listening to the podcast and I'm wondering about that sub-$1000 GW deal -- can you point me in the right direction?

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