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December 18, 2005



Great podcast!
However, I noticed some background noise of key pressing. It might be distracting to an ESL (English as Second Language) like me.

Keep on working, Marc and James!

Stu Kim

Terrific podcast! Buzz made an interesting observation regarding lawyers in the courtroom using Tablet PCs and ActiveWords. I can explain why it hasn't caught fire. In general, lawyers focus on billable hours and don't want to spend the time and energy to learn new technology. Moreover, medium and large size law firms are unwilling to invest in new technology because of the cost to purchase, support, and train personnel. To ensure broader adoption, Microsoft and Tablet PC manufacturers need to partner with law schools and have law students learn how to use Tablet PCs - that is when they have time to learn.


Wendy, I think that was Buzz. I always blame the guest for something like that. :) Thanks!


Thanks Stu! You are right about lawyers. My wife works for a law firm and they are the most archaic bunch technically.

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