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December 11, 2005


Michael S. Scherotter

We have tried to make the MindManager->OneNote bring in large maps, but OneNote shrinks everything to the size of a page, as you have noticed. This seems to be a limitation of the import API of OneNote.


Listened to your Podcast. Really interested in the Adesso Cyberpad. Wento to to buy one. Neither Adesso nor the Cyberpad is listed on their web site nor found by their search engine.



Yes, I was confused. You were talking about Cyberguys offering the Digimemo, not the Cyberpad.


Check out this price comparison for the CyberPad:

Marcus Hast

I have been listening to the show for a while as I've been hunting for a Tablet during the autumn. So thanks for a nice show!

I have to say that one of the things that dissapointed me when I started playing with it was the lack of handwriting support for eg Swedish. While pretty much all of the European languages are very similar it seems like Microsoft can't be bothered to actually make it capable of recognising the character sets. (In Swedish we have the special characters "å, ä, ö". Other than that it's the same as English.) Surfing the net reveals that they have been working on adding support for northern european languages since 2003, pretty pathetically slow if you ask me. It really annoys me since the product pages for WinXP Tablet ed doesn't mention that it's incapable of recognising Swedish handwriting.

They did release a Multilingual User Interface (MUI) & Recognizer Pack but it doesn't do any recognizing and mainly seems to be a glorified UI pack.

While other aspects of the tablet has impressed me, so far the least impressive have been the products from Microsoft.

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