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November 06, 2005


Colin Walker

Love the new show guys - it's like you've never been away.

Sharad Jaiswal

Nice podcast... though at times the recording is slow/slurred (e.g. at 4:26 mark)... I'm wondering if your new computer just slowed down at those times for some reason causing those hiccups in recordings... Any comments would be appreciated.




Great podcast, but it would be even better if Marc's audio was improved. Lots of high frequency distortion (particularly the letter S), and several periods of unintelligibility. I've read good things about the Google Talk client on Chris Pirillo's site, maybe that would help.


The slowdown/ slurriness is pure Skype. Sometimes it comes and goes.

Colin Walker

Idea for a show? How about the current discussion inspired by Lora's post and what do we want with regards to Tablets and all the follow-ups (Craig's wislist, Warner asking "What am I?" etc.)

You could probably get a whole series out of that one ;)

NRM Smith

Hi there

I still can't get the iTunes link to work. It claims your podcast is only available in the US Store (I am in the UK). Never had this problem before subscribing to US based podcasts!

NRM Smith

OK. Its working now. Your link doesn't work, but I've searched and subscribed from within iTunes and that works. Show#2 coming down as I type :)

NRM Smith

Hi again,

Just a brief comment re: recorded quality. I don't think it seems as good as it was with your tabletpc podcasts. I note you are using 48kbps/22kHz compression. This is giving rise to a lot of compression "artefacts" in the playback. Any chance you could up the quality to 64kbps/44kHz? This would improve the audio quality a lot without adding too much extra bandwidth?



NRM Smith, unfortunately, many online podcast players choke at 44kHz making the podcast sound like an episode of the Chipmunks. If the quality doesn't improve when Marc gets a new mic then I may consider upping the compression to 64 or 96kbps. Unfortunately that effectively doubles the amount of time to post produce, compress, and upload each show.

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