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August 15, 2007


Dale Lane

I've had the Advantage (well, the T-Mobile Ameo, but same thing...) since March now ( ) and I love it.

Even after all this time, I don't often hear it get mentioned so it's been great to see your series of posts on the Advantage - and you've captured what it's like to use it brilliantly :-)


Guy Adams

James Kendrick, I'm suprised with you!?!?

No OneNote Mobile installed?


Matthew Delmarter

Hi James. I have a small question...

I am wanting to carry the Advantage around in a case without the keyboard, but with my credit cards etc stored in the case. I understand that there are warnings on the device about keeping magnetic cards away from the device as info might/will be lost.

My question is if these warning are really isolated to the keyboard? If I leave the keyboard at home and carry the pda and cards together is there an issue?

Any enlightenment much appreciated!

George Fisher


I am running a little blog on the HTC 7501. Great video.

Can you tell me what software you use to capture your screen and prepare the videos?

I'd love to make some videos like yours for my blong.

Many thanks,

George Fisher

Guy Adams


To remotely control and view the screen from a PC you need MyMobiler, you can get it here:

For capture of this I would recommend using Camtasia Screen Recorder:

There is a trial available, its a 30 unlimited.




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