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June 17, 2007



Thanks for this demo .... i am still waiting for mine..

Jeff Braun

Mine should be at home waiting for me right now. I think one of the major pieces missing from this phone is a true GPS chip. Everything I read shows that it's still AGPS and requires Sprints $/month to use Telenav. Rather sad that I would have carry around a Bluetooth GPS unit on top of phone.

daniel phung

thanks for the video. i'm seriously considering this phone as an upgrade to my treo

David Pyle

Just started reading your site...and wondered if you were at all still positive on the PPC-6700 , just bought it but have not activated/Sprint, I read reviews on it that said it (auto dialed last # often , UNLESS when Locked- Which prevents INCOMING calls)...(Can not send phone pics to other network phones?)...i am away from other choice was MotoQ...would appreciate your advice, David Pyle


Downloading Video Now. This phone is coming out for verizon in 2 weeks, so I'm waiting. This phone kicks the crap out of anything else. The Motorola Q doesn't have a touch screen, and also has shoddy picture quality. It's thin, but not for me.
The Treo lineup has either too many issues (700x/wx) or didn't have the windows OS (700p) which I need. The new windows mobile is neat, and still familiar to people who use WM 5.0
Everything about this phone screams killer of all competition, but all phones look good on paper. Will come back for a follow up in mid august to let you know how it turned out, but this phone is worth it 100%.


I also forgot to add that the verizon edition looks nicer :) with the black trim. And verizon's network beats sprint easily

A Rafiq

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