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October 18, 2006


Dennis Rice

Awesome Kevin! I enjoyed it this morning over my 1st cuppa Joe! If I buy a Q1, can I send it to you to setup Vista for me? I'll give you a T-Shirt for it! :-)

Fun and informative video!

Helmut Krueger

Great video review Kevin! I think you have convinced me to eventually upgrade my Q1 Pentium to Vista.

Kevin C. Tofel

Sounds like a good deal Dennis, but it took me MANY cups o' Joe to make this work. ;) Helmut, I'd love to hear about the Vista performance on the Pentium! I have a 1 GB SD-card with USB interface coming soon and I'll be using that with Vista's Ready Boost to see what that does...

Alex D

Quite enticing!...but I can't help but wonder how you "upgraded" the standard Q1 to 1 gig of RAM. As the 1 gig sodimm is listed on the CDW website as an "accessory"
and I can't find anything about "upgrading" RAM in the Q1 literature, I called Samsung. The level 1 techs quickly got me to thier level 2 group (as they had no answer). The level two tech basically said they'be had a poor experience w/ units that were "upgraded" and could only get the probs. resolved by going back to 512 MB RAM.

So, any hints - or was is some good luck so far. As Vista is just around the corner, and all of the things I'm thinking of doing when/if I get a Q1 will also hog RAM, this might be something to lookin into for a future "most excellent" webcast. THANKS!


I showed this video to my girlfriend in the vain hope of interesting her in the umpc.
"Too nerdy," she said. "It looks like a cross between an Etch-o-Sketch and a Stylophone."

Jon-Paul Kennard

This is an excellant video. I am planning on starting a UMPC community soon, the website is not yet running, but it would be great to have a memeber such as yourself, as i do not have first hand experience. It's not very nice to know that this Vista release runs faster on your Q1 than my computer (3.2ghz [O/clocked to 3.6 ghz] with 392 mb ram). And also a handy tip, is that User account control (UAC) can easily be turned off by going to control panle and searching for UAC, then following the options.
Sorry for a long one


Will u be installing/upgrading to Vista RTM?


Hi I was wondering if the windows vista 3d flip feature worked on the q1?
Thank you.

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