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June 06, 2006



I tried to download the file twice and the server gave up on me... boo hoo!!

Mike Cane

Oy, can't get the vid! Even on a PC! What's up?


why dont u torrent this thing & take the load off ur servers?

Robert Burdock

Just to let you know JK (and others) that the file downloaded fine for me using Opera 7.6 - no interruptions and no special download managers. Not viewed the visual delight yet (only the first few seconds to verify it worked ok - I like the corporate branding on the T-Shirt JK) so I won't pass on any comments


I'd definately suggest torrenting popular files like this. Your server must be taking quite a hit!


All jkOTR videos are hosted by Libsyn and occasionally they hiccup but are rock solid most of the time. It is the only distribution mechanism that makes it quicker for us to get content out.


James -- Kevin!!!! Long time no talk! What a great video!!! I've had my hx4705 now for over a year and I think it's time to get me one of those ux50s! Keep up the great work!


Great video! Thanks for showing it off (My wife may snap if I get one)!


Has anyone tried the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor on these Sony UX UMPC's?


The UX50 marked as "Vista capable PC"....
So it would be able to run standard version of Vista(one without AERO interface).

Lorin Thwaits

I bought one in Japan a week and a half ago for $1450, and posted an unboxing video (done at a Japanese temple of all settings) and some technical detail:

Performance is about 20% faster than my Dell 1.8 GHz Centrino. And it can play back high def video filling the 1024x600 screen at 60fps. An incredible unit. Read the post for more details. Also tells about getting around a sound card issue you may have as you install English Windows XP on the Japanese unit.

John Royse

Am I crazy? Everything I see is about downloading audio. See NOTHING about downloading the video. Where is it? John


John, It's the big red link at the top of the post that says "watch video here". Just right click it to download or click it to watch in WMP.


Great video but wheres the second one you promised with the full review? John


I too only see a link to downlaod the audio. There isn't anything that says "watch video here" ???? I also would like to know about the full review?


what about the full review??


I liked alote your review, it helped me to decide in which micro pc that I sould buy, just let me know when you do a full video review showing what this PC can do.


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