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May 30, 2006


Anton P. Nym

Good video, Kevin! Definitely shows off what the Q1 can do.

I've found that the TIP does tend to "stall out" after some errors or corrections... I don't know if this is specific to the Q1 or is a general issue with XP Tablet.

I think you'll find "dictation" on the Q1 interesting too. Skyping is actually a joy with it; would that show off well on a web cast or podcast?

Anyway, thanks again for the video and I look forward to your next article on UMPCs!

-- Steve (on his Q1)

John Lehmann

Very informative video. I was very interested to see how responsive the processor was. I'm a photographer who travels a lot and am looking for a small device to take with me and I think this might be it. I was wondering how would the Q1 work with Photoshop CS2 or an earlier version with say a 24M file.



ok, you've had the Q1 for awhile. I don't know if you've tried any of the 10" tablets (Fujitsu makes one), but am interested in the differences between the tables (slates) and the Q1.

I'm almost giving up on waiting for an iLiad (irex) and Libre and am looking for something to take around while I'm doing stuff like watching my son do sports.



Great video! However the dialkeys text entry method is underestimated here.

I feel that with a bit of training one could use these efficiently with only 10% tranparency overlaying the main content. This would also prevent scrolling up the main window. Would love to see this in action!




Hi Kevin, nice video!
I would like to know if the q1 wich you have in your hands is fast when you put in your win tablet 2005 an antivirus, anti-spyware software and a firewall to work with the minimun security.
I'm a mac user but I can't to wait a mac tablet and I like very much the q1 look.
I hope that linux will runs in a near future on the Q1.

Thanks in advance for your comments.



Great video. I'd like to see how it is to use somehting like OneNote in portrait holding it in one hand and writing with the other. Clearely the stowaway BT keyboard will be an excellent addition, but if you're just standing or sitting holding it, how is writing? How is it with ritePen? Is it bulky to hold, e.g., does it really require a desk or table?


Very good presentation, BUT...!

Can't believe you didn't show us how the joystick works! I heard it's the major issue on this machine & the first reason you wouldn't put the device into the "holding with two hands while using UMPC" category (No right click button + strange to use joystick)

Not being able to find one for testing purpose near my area, I'd be glad to read any comment about this issue.


Dennis C

I'd really like to see some information on gaming. Does it play newer games or are we stuck with playing old games? I want something that can rival the PSP but give me the full function of Windows. I've found a few mentions of games but no run down, like Guild Wars, Age of Empires etc. I'm going to wait until Vista out and standard on the UMPCs.

John Christian

The current UMPCs have low performing graphics controllers so you wont get PSP speed on games here. But you will probably be able to run older games fine on this device. I have heard that games like Warcraft III and Diablo 2 runs fine. Any game that was made for 800x640 will probably run fine on this device. The games that are pre-dedicated-3d-accellerator-days.

Frank Rizzo

Does the samsung Q1 have a wireless connection like wifi? Is it able to connect to networks that are picked up if in the range of another source?


I heard that there is a software download for the Q1 to adjust the screen sensitivity. Can you steer me to the link??



How do you use the samsung q1 for note taking...not sure how to turn the q1 side ways so I can use it as a note book to write notes on...smiling


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How do you use the samsung q1 for note taking...not sure how to turn the q1 side ways so I can use it as a note book to write notes on...smiling

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How do you use the samsung q1 for note taking...not sure how to turn the q1 side ways so I can use it as a note book to write notes on...smiling

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What I tried to do was go through some of the many great scenarios you provided us and then let the Q1 try and handle them. Keep that in mind as you're watching the often dark video; the point here isn't to show the screen in crystal-clear imagery, but to see if the Q1 can handle the everyday work that you asked about. Remember: we're looking at the device as both concept and for hands-on usage. Having said that, here's some of the items you'll see in no particular order:

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