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May 25, 2006


Rob Bushway

great stuff, Kevin. loved the video


You sure kick it old school KCT. I thought I was seeing things that weren't there when I saw that Commodore Cover.

Michael Venini

Commodore? Kevin that was funny stuff!!!

Great review!


Loved the intro!!! Almost -- almost -- made me want to go in the attic and get my old C64.

Great review.

Anton P. Nym

Hey, good un-boxing! One point, though; that flashing indicator light on the front when you tried to start it meant that the key-lock was on. That's why it didn't boot... I got hung upon that myself when I got mine! I've found that the battery indicator is pretty good.

Hope you enjoy your Q1 as much as I enjoy mine!

-- Steve (on his Q1.)

Tablet PC User


Wow KCT,

This is the first truly unbiased review I've seen in a LONG while! You went through step by step and showed us how you experienced the Q1 as a newbie. You didn't have any time to get any biases (as some other bloggers have) and hence it was truly a genuine video!

Kudos KCT! I can't wait for the continuation of this Q1 experience!

Warner Crocker

Wonderfully done!

Robert Burdock

Good Job Kevin!
You deliver a really impressive video presentation. In fact I'm so impressed so that I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for the follow-up review video.

Robert Burdock

Good Job Kevin!
You deliver a really impressive video presentation. In fact I'm so impressed so that I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for the follow-up review video.


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