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December 30, 2005


Tablet PC User

Wow, a great review! It must say that you do look like your cartoon logo!


Great... More please...
and I agree... the logo needs updating !

Rob Bushway

Great video, James. Would love to see more of them.


Great review, would like to see you get hold of a p1510 fujitsu for review with Tablet OS of course.
I've had a go with one (they're in stores now in the UK) and I had mixed feelings about the keyboard, though the screen looks very useable at 8 inches.


Nice review. However, I only got about 4 min. I thought maybe the video didn't download all the way. I did a second download and still ony got the first 4 minutes. The file size is as stated on your blog.


Correction. The 4 min file is the mp4. The wmv is fine.


Great review! It means so much more when seen in context to your hands and body! Good to get a look at you to before CES. Now I know who to look for!

See you there!


Also, I second the request to get a Fujitsu 1510D for video review! I am seriously considering getting one and am even talking to my company about outfitting our sales force with them.


Thanks everybody! I had to pull the MP4 file as it cut off short for some unknown reason and every attempt to fix it has failed. Well, I haven't had much time to look into it yet.

I would love to review the Fuji if I can get my hands on one.

El Camino

Good review jk hopefully you have more Video Podcast.

Mike Paterson

I have tried to send you an email in reference to the P1510.
Unfortunately your email address bounced.

If you come back to read this, please reply using my email address provided in the posted by column.


Mike P


Oh man, so great to see AND hear you. Am I the only one that likes to put a face with a voice?Awsome some more!

Bill Groll

Good job! Thanks for the VIDEO review - ran great for me.

I notice that your buds at Dynamism will be offering the OQO next month with the Tablet OS installed for $100 more.

Also I'm guessing they inverted the keypad to make it conform to the telephone key standard (one of the few thing Ma Bell ever got wrong!) With WiFi you can probably use it to Skype.

Keep up the good work!



Great video !! Thanks !
Can you:
- make another one that show an application to see the speed : Internet Explorer, Word...
- adjust, before, your cam on the OQO Model01, not on you !
- place another object to see/to compare the size ...


Michael Parekh

great first-time video review...have I missed the second and third parts of the OQO video? or is it still on your to-do list?

key questions: would you recommend getting one as an alternative tablet pc option for the motion ls800?

also, how usable is the web browsing via wifi on the thing?

please let us know since you have one in your hands to try and test.


Steven Snell

Over here in Australia and just stumbled across your site a couple of days ago. I'm loving the up-close and personal demo's. Have bookmarked the site and will continue to come back.

John Peters


You are one hot dude. I'm gay by the way. I know you are married, but do you ever swing both ways?


Hi jk,
do you plan to release part II of your video review soon?

s rosol.

when will the upgrade to the oqo .01 be out
I see a price drop and also another blog suggested that bluetooth and usb upgrades are needed


hollister uk

when will the upgrade to the oqo .01 be out
I see a price drop and also another blog suggested that bluetooth and usb upgrades are needed


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