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February 05, 2006


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» I love winning free stuff! from Chris Kelley's Blog
I am a regular listener to the OnTheRun with Tablet PCs Podcast. It is one of the 25 feeds I am subscribed to in my podcatcher and it is often one of the first podcasts I listen to every Monday on the way in to work. The combination of software revie... [Read More]

» Building a virtual cubicle from OnTheRun: Using Mobile Devices Since They Weighed 30 lbs
In the latest OnTheRun with Tablet PCs podcast (#12) Marc Orchant described how office work is changing due to workers having to be able to work in a more mobile fashion. This rings true to me and something I have been living first-hand for several yea... [Read More]



Chris Kelley- please send me your email address so I can arrange the delivery of your book.

Juan Carlos Lopez


I'm from Bolivia (South America) and I'm a regular listener to this podcast. I enjoy every Monday (on the way to work)the topics you brought to us in my small Creative Zen Micro. You are doing a great job!!!

I'm planning to change my tabletpc, but I think that I have to wait till June to see new models on the stores, rigth? What do yu think?

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